Points West (July, 2019) (Part 1)

In July I travelled (without my sidekick and companion Stretch) to visit Kim, Aaron, Athena and Leander. The kids were on summer vacation. I got in on the 3rd of July. Kim and Aaron invited me to come along on their jam-packed, carefully planned vacation. Road trip!

My welcome.

July 5th, spent the afternoon searching the marine life in the tide pools around Alki in West Seattle. Saw some interesting creatures. Here are some:

No longer called Starfish (as they are not fish), this is a Purple Sea Star (I tell you, I learn new things everyday). I was impressed with my granddaughter Athena holding it and giving a lesson about this creature.
Sea Cucumber (I also held it, um…squeeshy)
Again, I cannot remember the name but it would blow water out of the tube
Water Penny larva
I cannot remember the name of this marine creature. I’ll correct this once I find out. Looks like floppy pottery.
Kelp (seaweed) everywhere. Lots of marine life hiding underneath.
Great Blue Heron feasting on smorgasbord.
Family working their way through the kelp on their way to shore. A bit shallow. Beautiful wooden boat.
I met a Basenji at the park and I had to stop and talk. Ruby, I was thinking about you. This basenji is a Grand Champion. Absolutely stunning guy.

July 6th, left for Oregon for the start of an exciting and fun-filled vacation. Stopped in Portland for lunch.

Playing hackey sack in front of Powell’s Bookstore (headquarters) in Portland, Oregon. I could have spent a whole day at Powell’s, known as the World’s Largest Independent Bookstore. Powell’s has a whole section set up to buy back used books. I was mesmerized by the clerk handling a long line of people selling their books. You could easily get lost. The bookstore takes up a whole city block or 68,000 square feet or 1.6 acres of retail floor space.
BrewCycle. They sure were having a great time. Loud music and drinking brews as they cycled down a main street in Portland.

Next update will be along the Columbia River, Hood River and Bingen, Washington.

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